The Jada Gaming AI Solution for iGaming Operators


Jada Brain is the artificial intelligence solution from Jada Gaming to optimize the marketing of iGaming operators.

Jada Brain can be fully integrated with any CRM tool, and predictive analytics enables optimized real-time business management with precision and transparency, while increasing ROI.

Jada Brain

Jada Brain’s modern infrastructure, with independently and easily configurable modules, allows us to integrate quickly with operators and also be able to scale quickly if the operator requires it.

Jada Brain

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Our modules

Jada Brain consists of modules configurable independently and according to the demands of each operator

LTV Engine

It allows the operator to predict the player’s LTV for different time periods such as 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. This is extremely important for estimating ROI in future campaigns, or for deciding how much to reward customers.

Affiliate Engine

It offers operators a set of tools to understand not only how their affiliates are currently performing, but what impact any changes would have on their trade agreements.

Churn Predictor Engine

This module not only predicts whether and when a client is going to become inactive, but also suggests what to do if a client is about to or has already become inactive.

Bonus Engine

This module identifies bonus abusers quickly and effectively by using AI, analyzing patterns in player behavior and thus enabling more optimized spending on deserving customers.

Communication Commander Engine

With Jada’s AI a thorough analysis of the language used by customers in their communications with the operator, this module provides insights into customer base sentiment thus allowing operators to act quickly and anticipate solutions in real time.

A/B Performance Testing Engine

It allows to analyze the results of campaigns carried out and then optimize the marketing activity. This module has powerful capabilities to provide operators with the granularity they need in information.

Game Recommendation Engine

It allows operators to have a list of games categorized by each client based on a machine learning algorithm that analyzes their game patterns. This can be used for manual campaigns or integrated into CRM tools or operators’ front end.

Responsible Gambling Engine

A powerful algorithm determines a player’s risk of becoming a problem gambler and assigns an appropriate rating so operators can act before the game becomes a problem. All information is anonymised to protect data privacy.


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Want to make smarter decisions?

Filter out the noise and take advantage of the “wisdom of the crowd” through the data.

Jada Brain can be the virtual assistant for your operation, transforming data into intelligent decision making.

Created specifically for iGaming operators, Jada Brain features a unique AI engine that can absorb billions of data from different channels.

About us

Jada Gaming was founded by two iGaming veterans:

Alberto Alfieri y Josh Jones.


Alberto has more than twelve years of experience in the online betting and gaming sector, he held executive positions in some of Europe’s leading operators.

Past experiences include company turnarounds, management and implementation of marketing and growth strategies through sales management, product development and launch, continuous systems improvement, and bottom-line performance enhancements.

It was paramount for all of the above activities being able to identify areas of potential growth by analyzing market trends and understanding customer requirements and behavior.

We developed the idea of Jada Gaming in the years spent in the field and going through the same problems of all iGaming operators. It became clear that we needed to create a comprehensive AI-based solution explicitly tailored to help iGaming operators optimize all the efforts needed to conduct intelligent business management and capitalize on the data sitting in their systems.




Josh has been working in the gaming industry for many years, both on the operator and affiliate side. He has led business intelligence and analytics teams throughout his career and has recently held positions as an CIO/CTO of some of the leading gaming companies.

His focus on previous roles has been to improve business visibility into operations by improving reporting, data visualization, and data processing, as well as the use of analytics and techniques such as machine learning to solve complex business problems.

Having worked in the industry for many years, I have personally experienced the weaknesses that many traders pass. Much of it originates in “Why does my data not match?”, “Why can’t I get visibility into the operation?”, to “How do I identify a responsible gambling problem?” or “How can I identify a new VIP?” Jada’s goal was to create a comprehensive solution to give companies visibility into their operations and provide a turnkey analytics solution to solve these questions.”

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